State of Australian Social Media 2013 and 2012 (INFOGRAPHIC)

    In the follow up to our  first and second State of Australian Social Media Infographics over the past two years, Sensis asked us to design and deliver a third.  We present you with the State of Australian Social Media 2013.  All data was compiled by Sensis, then developed and created in association with [...]

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DD and NEO

Social Media – The Program and The Campaign. WTF is the difference?

Last Thursday we held our third Facebook Roundtable. One point that was made screamed out at me. It was made by my good friend Chris Gross.  He talked about social media being a program, not a campaign. For me this point is a perfect example of how social media is fundamentally different from the traditional [...]

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Facebook has just released a cool app detailing events and general trends that occurred within the platform in 2012. Find below three graphs representing ‘Most Talked About’, ‘Songs’ and ‘Check-ins’ in Australia. Make what you will of the results. I’ve lost a tiny bit of faith in Australian public purely because One Direction is the most talked [...]

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