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Best WordPress Hosting 2023

WordPress hosting is one of the best options for hosting a website or blog. It offers easy-to-use platforms and plenty of customization so you can create the perfect site or blog that best represents your brand. Plus, there are tons of options available when it comes to hosting providers. That said, choosing the best WordPress hosting service isn’t always an easy decision.

Luckily, there are now more great hosting services than ever before so you can find the best WordPress hosting for your needs. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the top picks for best WordPress hosting 2023. Keep reading to learn more about why each of these is worth considering along with their pros and cons.

But first, let’s jump into a bit of context around how WordPress sites work before jumping into WP Hosting.

What is WordPress and how does it work?

Best WordPress hosting 2023
What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that provides users with the tools to build and manage their website or blog. WordPress powers over 35% of websites on the internet, making it one of the most popular CMS options out there today. The best part about using WordPress for your site is its flexibility; you can customize it however you’d like. Plus, there is a huge selection of themes and plugins available so you can create the perfect look and feel for your site or blog.

In order to get yourself a WordPress blog or website, you must first have somewhere to host your site, ie a web hosting provider. In other words, you need somewhere for your site to live on the internet. Like picking any home, you must choose carefully!

Why is choosing the best WordPress hosting service so important?

It’s crucial to have a high-functioning website, and one key element that plays into that is hosting. A lot of people don’t think much past server space when they’re considering web hosting services but for SEO page loading speeds are just as important – if not more so. If you want your website to be fast, you need to host it on a server that is going to deliver high-performance loading times.

Plus, if you want to grow your site and increase its traffic, it’s best to invest in a hosting plan that can handle the demands of higher-traffic sites. As you start getting more visitors, you will need a hosting provider that has reliable uptime and support.

The different types of WordPress hosting

Here is an overview of the four main types of WordPress hosting services: shared, managed, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated server hosting.

  • Shared hosting is the least expensive option but also has some drawbacks such as slower page loading times due to sharing resources with other websites hosted on the same server
  • Managed WordPress Hosting is great for those who don’t have the technical know-how to manage their own server but still want more features than what shared hosting offer
  • VPS hosting is best for larger websites that need more resources
  • Dedicated server hosting is best for high-traffic sites or those who require a lot of customization.

What to look for when choosing a WordPress hosting provider

When it comes to picking out the best WordPress hosting provider for your needs, there are a few things you should consider.

First, look for a host that offers reliable uptime and performance, so your site won’t suffer from slow page loading times or unexpected downtime. A WordPress site can become bloated, especially if you are installing a website builder like Elementor or Oxygen along with lots of other plugins so you should only consider hosting companies with tried and tested statistics.

Secondly, you will need to ensure your hosting covers the amount of usage you need. Personally, I’d be aiming for unlimited bandwidth. Be careful with free hosting as it’s likely that you will be rate-limited which can cause downtime if you are not on top of it.

Also, make sure they offer customer support services in case you need any help getting your site up and running. I also look for WordPress hosts, who offer service quality support during my business hours if not 24/7.

Finally, whichever hosting company you choose should be ready to support WordPress sites as a priority. The best WordPress hosting companies allow top-of-the-range integrated WordPress tech, from built-in one-click to install WordPress setup to a free SSL certificate and daily backups.

How do I host a WordPress blog site?

It is usually very easy to get an internet website using WordPress. You must first buy the WordPress Hosting plan from one of the websites below. Make sure your plan meets your site’s need for traffic, including traffic expected. The best plan for growth is one with lower costs.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, install the WordPress software on your hosting account. For most WordPress hosting providers, there will be an automatic WordPress installer. WordPress is 100% free and open source so you should never be paying beyond the hosting. All web hosts should (if they are legitimate) offer free WordPress installation.

Once installed, your WordPress host will provide your WP login details, where you can start setting up the environment, from installing WordPress plugins to choosing the perfect theme. Hosting solutions sometimes offer free services so make sure to check out all the features.

Our top 7 picks for the best WordPress hosting 2023

When it comes to picking a hosting provider for WordPress, there are plenty of options available. But here are our top picks for the best WordPress hosting 2023.

Cloudways (our top pick)

When it comes to the best WordPress hosting 2023, our top pick is Cloudways. This hosting provider offers great features such as automatic backups, in-built SSL, reliable uptime, fast loading speeds, and more. Plus it has a pricing structure that really allows you to scale, whether you are managing one website or 100s.

It’s not like other providers in that it’s actually more of an aggregator. Instead of running its own rack space, it actually leverages tried and tested services like Amazon Web Servers, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean.

This allows the team at Cloudways to focus on the user experience! They have created a beautiful user-friendly control panel that is the same no matter what server you choose. This is their innovative IP and it allows their users to leverage the speed of the aforementioned hosting providers whilst having an interface that is built for WordPress hosting.

Cloudways WordPress hosting starts from $10/mo.


Hostinger is another great hosting provider for WordPress sites. It offers fast speeds, reliable uptime, and a range of plans to fit any budget. Plus it has an intuitive user interface and helpful customer service team available 24/7 that makes setting up your site easy.

Hostinger WordPress hosting starts from $1.99/mo.

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers available. It offers a range of features like automatic updates, caching, and more to keep your website running smoothly. Plus it has plans for any type of website with scalability as you grow.

WP Engine WordPress hosting starts from $20/mo.


HostGator is a great WordPress hosting provider. It offers excellent customer service, 99.9% uptime, and an intuitive control panel to get your website up and running quickly. Plus it has plans for any size or type of website with affordable pricing.

Hostgator WordPress hosting starts from $4/mo.


Kinsta is a great managed hosting service for WordPress sites. It offers fast page loading speeds, automatic updates, and helpful customer support team that are always available to help. Plus it has a range of plans with the best security features in the industry.

Kinsta WordPress hosting starts from $35/mo.


SiteGround is a great WordPress hosting provider. It offers fast speeds, reliable uptime, and an intuitive control panel with simple setup instructions. Plus it has plans to fit any budget or size of website.

SiteGround WordPress hosting services start from $4.99/mo.


DreamHost is another great hosting provider for WordPress. It offers reliable uptime, fast loading speeds, and a range of plans to fit any budget. Plus it has an intuitive control panel with setup wizards to make it simple to launch your website quickly.

DreamHost managed WordPress hosting starts from $16.95/mo

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Do I need a host for my blog?

Yes, you need a hosting provider for your WordPress blog. This is where the files for your site are stored and it is needed to make sure that your website is available to everyone on the internet.

If you don’t use a WordPress web host for your blog, then you must have a host installed for it.

What hosting plan should I get?

It depends on your needs. If you are just starting out, you may want to get a shared hosting plan. This type of hosting plan is best for small websites and blogs as it is the most affordable. If you are looking for more power and resources, then you may want to consider a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

How to migrate WordPress site from one server to another?

Migrating a WordPress website from one server to another is relatively straightforward. The first step is to back up your existing site by taking an export of your WordPress database and downloading all of the files associated with your site. Then you will need to create a new hosting account on the new server and upload your site files and database. You will need to update the WordPress configuration file with the new server information and finally, you can test the site to make sure it is working correctly. It’s best to consult with your hosting provider or an experienced WordPress developer if you need any help with this process.

Is there a WordPress migration plugin?

Yes, there are a few WordPress migration plugins available that can make the process of migrating your website from one server to another much easier. Some popular plugins include All-in-One WP Migration, Duplicator, and WP Migrate DB. It’s best to research the plugin to make sure it is compatible with your current hosting provider and WordPress version.

You should check to see whether your new hosting service comes with its own free migration plugin so you can transfer your website from an existing hosting service.

Cloudways is a great example of a hosting environment where these types of free tools are included.

Will the hosting company migrate my WordPress site for free?

Some hosting companies may offer a free migration service. However, it’s best to check with your hosting provider first to see if they offer this before signing up.

How to reduce server response time WordPress?

Reducing server response time for WordPress can be done by optimizing your website code, using a caching plugin, and optimizing your images. It is best to consult with an experienced WordPress developer if you need help with any of these tasks.

How to move WordPress from local server to live site?

Moving your WordPress site from a local server to the live web is relatively straightforward. You will need to export your website and upload it to a hosting provider. Then you will need to configure the WordPress configuration file with your new server information, create a MySQL database and user, and then test the site to make sure it is working correctly. There are a few plugins available that can help with the migration process, such as All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator.

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